Python IRC bot remixed for Canternet, the Pony IRC. Based on JordanKinsley's Python 3 fork.

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These are the commands that CompuBot recognizes and what they do

Command Name Module Function Name Commands Rule Typical Usage Description Admin Only?
Abbreviate abbreviate .ab, .abbr, .abbreviate .abbr retinoic acid receptor alpha Gives the abbreviation for full words No
Add add .add .add Fluttershy Adds a url to the url database No
Beats beats .beats .beats Shows the internet time in Swatch beats No
Botsnack botsnack .botsnack .botsnack Give CompuBot a snack No
Calculate calculate .c, .calc, .calculate .c 2+2 Calculate Stuff No
Celsius to Fahrenheit ctof .ctof, .celsiustofahrenheit .ctof 5 Convert Celsius to Fahrenheit No
Celsius to Kelvin ctok .ctok, .celsiustokelvin .ctof 5 Convert Celsius to Kelvin No
Dawg dawg .dawg .dawg car, ride Yo Dawg, I heard you like yo dawg memes No
Delete delete .del, .delete, .remove .del Bluh Deletes a url from the url database No
Docs doc CompuBot(:|,) (help|doc) CompuBot: help add Gets the documentation for a command No
Fahrenheit to Celsius ftoc .ftoc, .fahrenheittocelsius .ftoc 80 Converts Fahrenheit to Celsius No
Fahrenheit to Kelvin ftok .ftok, .fahrenheittokelvin .ftok 80 Converts Fahrenheit to Kelvin No
GeoIP geoip .geo, .geoip .geo Does IP address geolocation No
Get get .get .get Fluttershy Gets a url from the url database No
Get Config config_get .config_get, .c_get .c_get channels Shows configuration options Yes
Google Count gc .gc .gc bluh Shows the number of Google search results for a query No
Head head .head .head Shows HTTP Header information No
Join join .join .join #Compu Makes the bot join a channel Yes
Kelvin to Celsius ktoc .ktoc, .kelvintocelsius .ktoc 273.15 Converts Kelvin to Celsius No
Kelvin to Fahrenheit ktof .ktof, .kelvintofahrenheit .ktof 273.15 Converts Kelvin to Fahrenheit No
LMGTFY lmgtfy .gf, .lmgtfy CompuBot(:|,) google ?? for me? .lmgtfy bluh Let Me Google That For You No
MLFW mlfw .mlfw, .mfw .mlfw trollface MLP Reaction Images No
MLP:FIM Episodes episode .ep, .episode .ep next Find MLP:FIM Episodes No
NPL npl .npl .npl Shows the time from NPL’s SNTP server No
Part part .part .part #Compu Makes the bot leave a channel Yes
Ping ping .ping .ping Will give a “Pong!” if everything is working correctly No
Quit quit .quit .quit bye Makes the bot disconnect from the server and stop Yes
Random Number randnum .rand, .random .rand 1, 10 Picks a random number within a given range No
Reload Config c_reload CompuBot(:|,) creload CompuBot: creload admins Reloads a given configuration option Yes
Reload Module f_reload CompuBot(:|,) reload CompuBot: reload episode Reloads a given module Yes
Search Bing bing .bing .bing bluh Searches Bing No
Search Derpibooru derpibooru .derpi, .db, .derpibooru .derpi princess luna Searches Derpibooru No
Search Dictionary dictionary .d, .def, .define Compubot(:|,) define .d duck Gives definitions for words No
Search DuckDuckGo duck .ddg, .duck .ddg bluh Searches DuckDuckGo No
Search e621 e621 .e621 .e621 princess_luna_(mlp) Searches e621 No
Search Google g .g .g bluh Searches Google No
Search rule34 rule34 .r34, .rule34 .r34 fluttershy Searches rule34 No
Search TwentyPercentCooler tpc .tpc, .twentypercentcooler, .ponies .tpc princess_luna Searches TwentyPercentCooler No
Search Urban Dictionary urban_dictionary .ud, .urban, .urbandictionary .ud FTFY Searches Urban Dictionary for definitions No
Search Wikipedia wikipedia .wi, .wikipedia .wi aircraft Searches Wikipedia No
Seen seen .seen .seen Compu Tells when a nick was last seen No
Set Config config_set .config_set, .c_set .c_set nsfw [#nsfw] Sets configuration options while the bot is running, better to set the config manually and use creload Yes
Stats stats .stats .stats Gives stats about bot usage No
Time f_time .t .t EST Gives the time in a certain time zone No
Tock tock .tock .tock Shows the time from the USNO’s atomic clock No
Unabbreviate unabbreviate .uab, .uabbr, .unabbreviate .uab BMI Gives the full words for abbreviations No
Weather Alerts alerts .wa, .alert, .alerts .wa Reno, NV Gives any weather alerts for a location No
Weather Conditions weather .w, .weather .w Reno, NV Gives the current weather conditions for a location No
Weather Forecast forecast .wf, .forecast .wf Reno, NV Gives the weather forecast for a location No
Web Search search .search .search bluh Searches Duck Duck Go, Google, and Bing all at once No
Yi yi .yi .yi Shows whether it is currently yi or not No