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#Compu Channel Rules

If there is any confusion regarding the rules, please contact channel staff (Operator/@, Admin/&, or the Owner/~) for clarification

  1. No Scat, Gore, Death, or similar extreme fetishes (described or in RP or linked material) without approval from channel staff
  2. No offensive characters (such as portraying Derpy as mentally impaired) without approval from channel staff
  3. No impersonating OPs or otherwise acting as channel staff
  4. BE NICE
  5. RPs are open unless stated otherwise; if someone asks you to stop interrupting their RP, stop
  6. Do not force others into something they, IRL (must say so OOC), don't want happening in the RP
  7. Do not attempt to manipulate any channel staff
  8. Do not ignore channel staff
  9. No Trolling
  10. No recreational drug use without approval from channel staff
  11. Nicknames should only use characters found in English

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